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Excellent experience. I bought a used BMW X5 back in February and within 2 weeks I had smoke coming out of the engine. Anytime you buy a used vehicle you should expect some type of problems but I was not expecting problems that soon; however, I was prepared for it. I initially took my BMW to the BMW dealership and after keeping my car for a week they claimed I had a crack gasket among other problems. Gaskets are expensive and needless to say I was very upset so I contacted the dealership where I purchased the vehicle. After a week they claimed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the car and they had driven my BMW several times and noticed no smoke. So I took it as the BMW dealership being dishonest and trying to take advantage of me. So I took my keys and drove off the dealership lot and within 15 minutes of driving I had smoke coming off of the engine. At this point I was so upset of dealing with dishonest people. Stefan had given me his business card when I initially bought my X5 when he saw me in the parking lot of a convenience store and I decided to give him a call. I told him the issues that I was having and told me to bring it in and I am so glad I did. He diagnosed the problem within 4 to 5 hours of having my vehicle. Turns out there was no gasket problem at all which was a relief and it ended up being my pump which Stefan took me under my BMW to show me exactly what was wrong and then was able to order and replace. I also had Stefan do a tune up on my BMW and he used all BMW authorized parts. It's been 2 months now and my X5 runs as if it was brand new. There are competent honest mechanics out there if you can find one.....I found one in Stefan. Highly recommend!